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To start your search, enter your keyword(s) in the search field. The keyword field searches all IIM information for the images.

   [default] To search for ANY of your keywords, for example: Stanley Cup will find stories that contain either "Stanley" OR "Cup".

   * Can be used as a wildcard to search for variations of search terms that end with different suffixes and prefixes, for example: *bank could return Food bank or National Bank OR snow* could return Snowbirds or Snowball.

   + To search for ALL of your keywords, use '+' before the words, for example: Parliament + Hill will find stories that contain "Parliament" AND "Hill".

   " " To search for exact phrases, use quotes "" around the words, for example: "City Hall" will find stories that contain the word sequence "City Hall".

   - To exclude a word from your search, use '-' before the keyword, for example: Hockey -Toronto will find stories that contain "Hockey" but no references to "Toronto".

To further refine your search, you can use a combination of +, * , - or quotes with your keywords. You can also group search terms using ( ) to better define the search parameters.

Here are two examples:
travel +wildlife -British Columbia
juice+"Minute Maid"-orange*